The galaxy next door anime review

The galaxy next door anime review

With a touch of science fiction to keep things interesting, the first episode of A Galaxy Next Door offers a novel perspective on the slice-of-life genre. Ichiro, a poor manga artist who must balance deadlines and taking care of his siblings after his parents passed away, is introduced to us in the programme. He manages to keep things running with the aid of his cousin Chibi until his assistants leave him, leaving him in a difficult situation. Shiori, a gifted artist, steps up and offers to work for him before revealing that she is an alien princess from the Star People. The episode then develops a compelling premise that combines Ichiro’s everyday troubles with Shiori’s supernatural presence.

The episode does a great job at developing Ichiro’s personality and his early problems. His daily activities, his devotion to his siblings, and his enthusiasm for his career are all shown to us. He is obviously a determined and diligent individual who has encountered his fair share of difficulties. Shiori’s appearance provides some much-needed solace as well as a little intrigue to keep viewers interested. Despite the fact that nothing is known about her past, the story takes a pleasant turn because to her special skills and relationship with Ichiro.


By Prakhar Binjwa

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